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Slaughter House Hair

Mr. & Mrs Mouse

Mr. & Mrs Mouse

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Welcome to Mickey anddddd Minnie Mouse House . This captivating tapestry tote bag is where Disney meets everyday functionality in style. You get the best of both worlds with Mickey and Minnie Mouse in one.You have a fringe tassels trim along the edges. Has heavy weight handles for more support. You will also Find the Walt Disney logo along the back bottom of the bag. This tapestry tote bag is not just a bag; it's a vibrant canvas of creativity, designed to turn heads wherever you stride. Whether you're visiting Disney World, day out for the weekend,  this Disney bag is your ultimate go-to companion. Its spacious interiors are primed to hold your essentials while ensuring you do it in style.

Constructed with a sturdy woven fabric, the eco friendly tote stands up to all you  the daily tasks. In a world full of choices, choose this amazing bag as your favorite. 


Chatacter: Mickey Mouse 

Size: Oversized. 

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