April B

Founder of Slaughter House Hair, has become known for her fashionable creativity in the hair industry stemming from Mobile, AL. She continues to work hard in the industry and has been for 12 years, receiving national exposure from multiple of her viral videos through social media with over 2 million views. This exposure has allowed her to release her next business venture, Raw and Uncut Hair Collection. Her passion for this industry continues to increase, leading her to take her talent on the road across the US to cater to the widespread audience she has built.


Her distinctive and trend-setting vision steadily speaks for itself. April continues to use her appreciation and sensibility to innovate current trends while keeping a grasp of classic styling approaches to appeal to all markets. In the beginning of her career, April’s main goal was to help bring out the positive in one’s self, because she personally feels that hair is the key of letting inner beauty prevail on the outside. April’s motto: “My talent is your beauty”, is spoken throughout the success to which she still is overwhelmingly, humbled.