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Slaughter House Hair

Tha One

Tha One

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Slaughterhouse Hair SEWING MACHINE UNIT


UNIT DETAILS: This UNIT is 10 inch in length with a HD(high definition) Closure. Closure size is a 5x5 closure. This hair is Luxury Raw straight hair and can be Colored to any desired color. These unit are a Size 22 circumference (medium size) the closure are plucked, and lace is ready to be cut. Once unit is received it may need to be recurl due to being in a Box during travel. 

Our lace closure/units are made on a fitted cap. No glue is necessary for any of our units but can be applied for a more secure fit. You may also order a Slaughterhouse Hair wig grip to secure your unit.

Due to high demand, shipping for all units will be shipped within 30 business days. However, most units are shipped out before 30 business days. 

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